my pets

my pets
ngaco abis ini mah bukan pet, but dari game kok

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ring of love ( romantic peot)

if u truly love me, please teach me how to love someone
if we are truly lover, please teach me how to take care of u
if we are truly lover, please teach me how to understand u
if we are truly lover, please teach me how to accept u as yourself
if we are truly lover, please teach me how to make u happy
if we are truly lover, u don't have that please study together
study to understood each other and study to protect each other and study to love each other
cuz if we are so fragile, but when we reunited no matter can stop that.
please accept me, don't u fill the same thing like I am
please accept my ring of love as prove that u love me.

romantis banget....he2..boro2 dipakai cuman isa ditulis doang. Saya merasa blom waktunya aja nih kata2 diucapkan dan dilakukan....yah klo dilakukan sekarnag mah semua cewek isa lari ketakutan lihat cowok kesurupan setan cinta...wakkakaka. It's actually for my beloved girl but i never find it now.... so i realease it now cuz my thinking about love maybe will change .
tak kasih bonus deh

Mellow mean
Why mellow men hate by girl?
cuz they have some filling
but have some logic reason to thinking
cuz they are still men inside me
I can crying if i seeing sad story like a girl seeing same thing.
A girl always thinking about a strong princess and handsome princess
But they forget that they are a soft men in the middle of that
if men drown with a wolf , the mellow men drown like rabbit
they look same but different inside....
mellow men not look like a girl cuz they considered that he still a men and like to be a men
But their heart so fragile like a girl and have little logic side when he thinking.
Mellow men carrying what u do and like to hear what u say
but men maybe doesn't understand that
so, what u choose mellow men or strict men?

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