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my pets
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my story( renungan )

wakkaakak jadi inget ketika dulu prinsipku lucu tapi itu terjadi unseenable person, artinya disini wa menjadi orang yang selalu dilupakan dan ditinggalkan...wakakak cause i make that... lebih menikmati sebagai orang dibalik layar wakkakaka, wa bersyukur banget punya beberapa teman spesial yang membuatku terus tubuh dan tubuh lagi, thx for my best friend in my hometown, for all of my friend in civil enginering, thank for commits who change me more responsibility and make me meet many kind personality that i like and i hate wkakkakaka, thanks for all of change that given to me and all of believe given to me, i can see how hard to be good friend my be something i too naive and used other people but from that i saw how people like to insult other people without see other people feeling , when i heard that i fill pain in my hearth although is not for me, but i still can fill that...if i can, in that time i will angry and taunt that people who do that, but when i see my friend he so clam... make me study to persevere . Maybe I'm still naive because I'm to young to think other people.... wakakakaka i used my friend for my happiness but i believe i can be trust , cause i used my all of my heart.....wakakakak in that time i still devout ... but thanks for give me a good friend who help me to more good not make me trap to worse condition. I like to help people and like to listen other people problem cause with that i cant absorb what they think and do. so I can get more information from that. Thanks for my other hometown friend to make my eyes open i study to communicated to other people on very beginning of my friendship and thank for friendship because my funny act...wakakakaaka it my devout era so, i never think another people only say what i want to say and what i want to do. I still never believe when other my friend saying love i don't understand that. I only understood friendship for me a girl is like a boy , they same to us, i finally known that when I'm in senior high school, but i don't have interesting about girl at all....wakakkaka i have same interesting but it only for fun not for knowing her more.... wakakakaka in my third semester in new class i need more time to adaptation with that new condition... in lesson and in my friendship, so in that i study new friendship tips , i call it closed method, wkakakaka it meaning that first must you do is only hanging around them and let them accepted you when you joint the interaction. and it worked for me, but not all worked....I forgot to story my first day in senior high school... i move from my hometown , so when i came first in that school i don't have friend at all, actually there is another 10 friend but all of them are separated in other class... my first friend is actually funny friend and shy person. My first memory is when in the table must be 1 boy and 1 girl wakakaka... i hate this condition..wakakakakaka.... actually in my live i have a bit friend and more bit friend with a girl . so for me it not good situation but as time passed , the rule not used again. Wkakakak in that senior era i study about not pure friendship... i saw some of my friend only come when they need our help , but when didn't need that they away from us. it make me thinking are friendship like that.... but thanks for my other friend to help me and let me to joint him when i good invited on sweet seventh my friend wkakakaka. But in senior high school is my memorial place....for me university era more fun and much more challenge ... i see many people and friend with many part of social like clever person, intermediate person, lazy person and many more...wakkaakka my first memorial is start from P3k maba and etika tutorial which make me more open to other person. In that i learned to shear my felling that i never let other people know. cause of that tutorial make me want more active on social activity like bank committee in my faculty and follow pj and joint lc pratama ( it's like leadership training like in osis...wakakakak from that i learning to became kind person). but i missed LKMTD... it like a practice of leadership in pressure.
My commit make me more confident , so my first choose is equipment division, i choose this because it important think but it work behind the scene... so it make me comfortable cause i don't need to show my skill in the other people ,from that i study to accepted more responsibility... but my study chaos wakkakaa.... i like commits very much , so at least i decided to stop it and concert in my study..but time is still not stopped , cause my interesting reading philosophy ... i like to reading it and i get many think that i understood now than i last read it in my senior high school, so i decided when you get older you, you have many thinks happened you will know what is the true meaning of that philosophy wkakakak.....back to
committee i think not only get that i can see other people characteristic, and i can see thinking is easy but make it came true is hardest thing i realize that when i got my latest committee that committee i confused what i must to do cause for me i usually do what my leader say but in that situation i like to became help other people wkakaka, of course i don't usually lead other people must study more about it wkakaka... and in the end the problem solved without help of me , but wakakakak i study that when you never doing anything you don't get anything wkakakaka. It journey from my first love story came from that day ...wkakakaka other people case but at least in the end i fill the same thing as my friend problem.... and maybe his the one who support me first from that situation, but with involved the situation and i need more advice about how to show it to her so i share to other people, and it make many people knowing it, some knowing cause i share it and some knowing cause my friend can't keep secret wkakakaka. At least thanks for advice and the support them give to me ....wkakakakaka. but i still confused cause one people have a very different opinion,so now i decided to make it by myself. I will her know, no matter how she fill about me.... For me the important is make her know.... when she didn't like me it up to her , not me . Try it cause i think she become the hardest friend i will got... hopefully it happened, cause the problem make our became more mature .why it because i have some interesting to her...wakkakakak time to prove what think is actually we do wkakakakaka. thank to change me to control my bad desire and change my mind about a girl.... so i try to more care and know about girl ....wkakakaka for me before girl is a strange creature and not understood able, but now to completed my journey i must know about them....
oh.... i forgotten about my UKM( student activity in my faculty ) ... i took akijujutsu( it's very soft martial art and need more used your filling then the power but the effect is incredible ). In that martial art i good the philosophy and good more about the body stability when you move to other site, so i can focus to move body weight to other place( until 2years study about it...w.akakakaka it pathetic but for me is amazing ). and from that i got discipline and a lot of hard work to get more better.
Every day live more complex but it's not make me fear...what make me fear is what i don't know and what i don' t understand but make other people suffering . cause when we got complex problem it the time for use to try no matter how good or bad decision who we take, but it's make we are learning about live.... cause live is not talking about true or false but how we life and what we do for world...wakakkakakka.
No matter what you belief and no matter what you ever do, but the matter is what do you give and how hard do you try to make the world more beautiful to live .

Bagi kebanyakan orang masa terindah adalah masa smu bagiku masa terindah adalah masa menjadi mahasiswa....dapet banyak... banyak dapet wakakakaa

MY journey isn't ended but still in procces.... it's the begining not the end... cause it never ended until my life ended

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